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In Shades of Grey :iconargentum-lupae-luna:Argentum-Lupae-Luna 1 14
The Written Word
The written word is wondrous in it's prime
The glory of the ages past abound
For ink and paper forming wit and rhyme
To spring from open lips as soulful sound
An art perfected in the days of yore
Blank canvas soon adorned in blackest ink
A siren song that sings of those before
As deep into the realms of lore you sink
When man and woman first began to write
Their wisdom was preserved for us to know
As changing, yet unchanging as the night
The echoes of the past forever show
But to the pen a blade cannot compare
As instrument of chaos and despair
:iconargentum-lupae-luna:Argentum-Lupae-Luna 12 6
Adriel :iconargentum-lupae-luna:Argentum-Lupae-Luna 3 2
Mature content
Pretty Girl :iconargentum-lupae-luna:Argentum-Lupae-Luna 19 43
Mature content
Kiss With a Fist :iconargentum-lupae-luna:Argentum-Lupae-Luna 8 2
Mature content
Fallen :iconargentum-lupae-luna:Argentum-Lupae-Luna 3 17
Mature content
Dark Butterfly :iconargentum-lupae-luna:Argentum-Lupae-Luna 14 15
I lie upon my back tonight,
And watch the distant sky
Alone, I watch the setting moon
As time flows slowly by
A lullabye upon my lips
A hand upon my heart
A gleaming tear within my eye
A cry yet to depart
Why must I lie forgotten here?
Cold and so alone?
Sad denzien of darkest nights
No place to call my own
Hold on to each departing breath
Can you feel my fear?
Can you bring me back to dreaming?
Or say goodnight here?
Fading to black, I feel afraid
Why must I testify?
For one day, you''ll forget my name
Abandon me, survive
Sweet whispers in my ears, deny
And drag me down below
Will you come running after me
Or will you turn and go?
They'll never see,  I'll never be
The one they come to save
Lamb on the altar, all for you
And fall into the grave
But then again, nightmares do end
I feel your warm embrace
Catch me as I'm falling down
And bring me back to grace
You stop my pain, and wash my tears
Bring me into the light
And even though my fears remain,
Now gentle is the night
:iconargentum-lupae-luna:Argentum-Lupae-Luna 9 2
The Dragon
Roar, o child of wind and fire
Spread thy wings, soar ever higher
Thine enemy clasped within death's jaws
By sulfrous breath, sharp fangs and claws
A hide of gem-bright gleaming scales
Wings unfold like living sails
All heed to the mighty dragon's call
Before thy might, the world doth fall
Eyes filled with terror, they flee thy wrath
And e're to follow fear's dark path
A thousand years, mere blink of thine eye
Kings rise and fall as time flies by
Destroyer of empires past
Against you, no power is vast
Harbinger of death and raging war
Almighty, worshipped and abhorred
Yet slowly, thine strength begins to wane
Like blazing fire 'neath the rain
Alone, you lie within treasures won
Thy heart as dark as deadened sun
Shall they forget you, forsake their fear?
Leave you to die, abandoned here?
Cursed one, to fade from all memories
Vanished, thy pain to never ease
A world renewed, exchanged for the lost
Yet none alive know of the cost
They shall never hear the dragon's roar
Erased by time fore
:iconargentum-lupae-luna:Argentum-Lupae-Luna 18 20
Mature content
Rose Red :iconargentum-lupae-luna:Argentum-Lupae-Luna 14 10
Lullaby of the Mother and Child
O tiny child, my heart's delight,
Crying in this unyielding night
Among the shades beneath bright stars
So far, untouched by worldly scars
Adorned in light, a yearning shows,
Like crocus born of winter's snows
By angel's wings, be borne away
Before the dawn of this new day
Where could you be, beloved one?
Have you flown far beyond the sun?
Escaped, away from truths and lies,
Or have you fallen from burning skies?
Should you return someday, I fear
I would not know you then, my dear
And yet, your thirst be finally quenched,
Would you wish then to return, hopes drenched?
Like angels perched on crumbling ledges
Wishes race to plunge past safety's edges
Explore fresh worlds, with minds renewed,
Like opened buds, with light bedewed
And whether you would rise or fall,
You leave, and seek to know it all
To flee, or take your final stand?
Be razed or lifted by Fate's white hand
Remember child, whether you be near
Or not, I'll always hold you dear
See wide eyes in your upturned face
And lie with
:iconargentum-lupae-luna:Argentum-Lupae-Luna 3 2
Dream of the Caged Bird
A cage of silver, burnished bright
A lonely bird, left to the night
A terrible prison, cold and bare
Never to soar through open air
A song of snow-white sorrow, sweet
Ever forbidden from freedom
Lonely bird, watching the night
Fearful of forgotten light
Bruised and beaten, bloodied bars
Between them lie the shining stars
And yet mind's eye sees open skies
Graced by wings, untouched by sorrow
For after dreaming, faded back
Wounded wings lie broken, black
As mind's eye closes, the caged bird sees
Though ever trapped, pains never ease
A fresh new dawn in lightened sky
When the horizons brings forth the sun
Yet this bird, who longs and waits
Shall ever be victim to the fates
Still bruised and broken, bloody and mangled
Left to live a lie, with all hopes tangled
And only a song remains in the heart
Alas, for freedom's sweet dream
:iconargentum-lupae-luna:Argentum-Lupae-Luna 5 0
Mature content
Fade into Red :iconargentum-lupae-luna:Argentum-Lupae-Luna 2 7
Mature content
As the End Draws Near :iconargentum-lupae-luna:Argentum-Lupae-Luna 1 3
Mature content
Among the Shadows :iconargentum-lupae-luna:Argentum-Lupae-Luna 1 0
Mature content
Mama :iconargentum-lupae-luna:Argentum-Lupae-Luna 1 0

Random Favourites

What Are You Doing Here? :iconoutcast111:Outcast111 257 35
And from these nightmares,
I've awoken to a lovely world.
Solitude and peace dressed in lace
Embrace my place of rest,
And the sun reaches up toward me
To softly caress my face.
Haunting beauty smothers me,
Turning my lungs to gold.
This is where love finds me,
In my bed all alone.
:iconrokkii:Rokkii 8 4
Fake Stars :iconrotem1995:Rotem1995 89 37 I remember a shadow... :iconangieparadiseeker:AngieParadiseeker 392 81 Of Girls and Dreams (PC) :iconforgetmenot95:forgetmenot95 27 8 A red sun rises... :iconatildeproduction:ATildeProduction 50 18
The King and His Men chapter 5
The King and His Men
Chapter 5:
Reason to Fight
Pain exploded in Allen's side and arm as the man took hold of his wrist, squeezing to the point that he heard the bone snap. He then quickly struck his ribs with a hard jab. The whitette screamed and felt his body give out, forcing his to the table and then floor in turn. The man held his wrist, making it twist more. When Allen finally curled up on the floor, he released him. The exorcist curled tighter, whimpering and sobbing and his eyes clenching shut. His fevered mind tried to shy away from the pain but it was too much. It was everywhere. His ribs burned and protested any and all movement, including him breathing. His right wrist bent awkwardly and he vaguely decided that it would need to be set right.
All his mind registered from that was that it meant more pain.
He heard a loud noise then several more muted ones but couldn't figure out what they were passed the pain. Then came, "...len!"
He heard more muted noises coming toward his
:iconking-autumn:king-autumn 4 10
The King and His Men Prologue
The King and His Men
Early Morning Good-Byes
The soft morning light filtered across the form tangled in the navy blue sheets. His snowy hair reflected the light and it gave him a bright halo as a result. He sighed in his sleep and shifted onto his side before he settled once more. Kanda watched with a blank expression, though the corner of his lips quirked ever so slightly. He stood and finished buttoning up his shirt before sliding his arms into the newest exorcist uniform. He bent and pulled his boots on, kicking the toes to make sure they were fitted right. He walked over to the bed and knelt down until his lips connected with Allen's temple.
The boy murmured something, stirring a bit and rolling onto his back. His silver eyes flickered before slowly opening. His winced as the morning light hit his unaccustomed orbs. He smiled warmly, softly up at his raven-haired lover, raising a hand and stroking his cheek.
"Good morning." Allen said groggily, his words a bit hoarse from
:iconking-autumn:king-autumn 5 0
Arguing With A Mirror
Arguing With A Mirror:
Ah greetings mister Chen, to what do I owe this dubious pleasure?
Don't play around with me man, you know I'm outta material...
Oh? So it would seem that our mighty street thug has finally come crashing down
Have you come to apologise for putting me aside?
Perhaps you finally realised how important I am for creativity
Say whatever you want pal, but I need some juice and I need it now!
And what makes you think I'll help you this time?
If you recall correctly Chen, was it not you who pushed me out?
As far as I remember, you said you wanted to be "real"
You said that my "expertise" was not currently needed
What can I say, I'm an inconsistent freak, ain't that why we're talkin'?
Clearly your manners could use some work, you ought to be begging me!
Well sorry Johnny English, beggin' just ain't what I do y'know
Sides, let's get down to brass tacks here, you're me! If I book it, you book it
Do you believe you have some sort of h
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 201 88
Rakuen :iconnominee84:nominee84 1,708 104 12 Zodiacs: Dragon :icongrachiel:grachiel 7 2
Can You Accept Me?
Can You Accept Me?:
I'll admit I've done my share of things
Of which I know I can never be proud
And I've tried my best to be a better man;
But I guess I can't right now
The mistakes I've made are pretty clear to me
It's not like I can just wipe a 'tat'
The symbols that go all around my body;
And the numbers on my back...
They're all reminders of who I used to be
What I used to do and how I used to live
But that man just isn't me anymore;
And I need a chance that only you can give
I guess what I really want to say is that:
I'm trying my hardest to change for better
And I need to know that you can forgive me
And so I'm sending you this letter
If it gets to you, then let me know
Reply to me and tell me clear
Can we still be a family?
Can I hope to have you near?
We've been through hell and I know I've done wrong
I never should have stayed just an angry kid
And now that we have one of our own;
I think I know that I need to quit
So please just give me a second chance
Just one
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 272 77
Breaking Free
Breaking Free:
I sit here waiting, in the coldest of cells
Outside I hear them screaming for blood
I know that they mean to kill me soon
Yet somehow my spirit remains resolved and calm
As they march me to the gallows, wrapped in chains
I grin knowingly as they force me to kneel
Each and every man in the audience, waits for this moment
They know that something is about to change!
An eldritch wind ripples through the air
And I can feel it wrapping around my beating heart
It makes me feel like breaking the conventions:
The ones that I've torn apart...
And as they make me bow before the guillotine
I can feel a sense of unrivaled excitement
This is the moment where things will change!
I can sense it in the way that the air is moving
As one I see the masses rise, they become tall-
Like giants made of flesh and anger!
They break like the tide upon the guards holding me
Setting me free once more...
And as I redeem my hat from the clutches of the self-righteous
I giv
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 261 165
You Lift Me Up
You Lift Me Up:
When first I fell from the grace of the light
Tumbling endlessly through an uncaring sky
With wings torn from me, blotched and bloodied;
It was time for me to die...
But a bed of flowers, with the scent of lillies;
Caressing my heart with its soothing fragrance
Left me stronger and healed my wounds;
In the dark it was my radiance
It brought me back from the brink of despair
And made me forget that I would never fly
Instead I am content with these broken wings
If I may sleep where you still lie...
Here upon the ground, having faced my judgement
I am calm and collected without burden to bear
Someday I wish to return to my home
And when I do; may I take you there?
For it is a wonderous place, of miracles and mercy
Though gripped by those who are blinded by greed
I weep for them, as anyone should
For they have followed the devil's creed
It is sad to know, that they have been corrupted
Sadder still, to be denied a home
Yet the warmth of the hearts that choose to surro
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 243 102
How to Form A Metal Band
How to Form a Metal Band:
Note: This is just a humour piece and is not a part of the appeal so just sit back and relax ^^
--Step One: Can you growl/be really high-pitched?--
a) Yes: Proceed to the next step
b) No: Find a new job
--Step Two: What does your growl/shriek sound like?--
a) OO-WAH-Ah-Ah-Ah:  You are mentally unsound, proceed to heavy or death metal
b) SHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA: You are a viking wannabe, proceed to power or heavy metal
c) IIIRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA: Demons possess your throat, proceed to death or black metal
d) *Unintelligibly high shrieking noise*: You might have been born in a dirty cradle, proceed to black or power metal
e) ULULULULULULULULULU: Wrong genre, find a new job...
--Heavy metal: What do you like to sing/growl about--
a) I don't like to sing, I just like to growl: In that case find a female singer with a good voice so you can growl away while she sings. You may need to s
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 139 203
The Never-ending Masque
The Never-ending Masque:
A troupe of dancers, with colourful costumes
Ascends the stage with jaunty smiles
Whilst the eldest member, in a Jester's mask
Narrates the tale in style:
As they begin their dance, these lovely dancers
The skies turn cold and grey...
Arms reach down from the rumbling heavens
And they take our stage away!

Yet the harlequins laugh
And simply dance on the grass
For the show must go on
Until time has passed
Harken brothers, a wicked wind blows!
It stirs from the belly of the unkind beast
It rips our props away from us;
And hopes the dance will cease...

But the Harlequins laugh and continue the show
They mime to mimic their props and tools
Using naught but the love that they have in their hearts
They create a fable of ghosts and ghouls
My brothers, no, it cannot be!
The narrator grasps at his throat in anguish
For the Jester's voice has been taken away
And now the show can finally be vanquished...
But the Harlequins laugh and put on a sm
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 205 73





Journal History

I'm going to leave dA sometime in the next few months...there have been some issues, and I'll be putting up my art and writing elsewhere.
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Argentum-Lupae-Luna's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I'm an aspiring writer, as well as an active artist and poet. I am writing a novel, I have been working on it for roughly two years, and a publisher has shown some interest in my idea (which shocked me- I though it was barely worth a read).

Some of my work is more humorous, but for the most part I explore the more introspective areas and dark, horrific genres. So, kiddies beware. I'm very much into history, so I'll often have references to certain places/people/events interspersed through my stories. Also, my sense of humor is strange, so if something makes no sense, then just assume it's my attempt at adding in humor. I'm a bit inconsistent in posting artwork/literature, since I'm very easy to distract.

So those who take interest, just know not to expect frequent posts. When I do post things, I also tend to spam- posting at least two poems/chapters/paintings/etc. at once, often more align the lines of 5-7 posts when I actually get off my lazy arse and apply myself.

Most of the time, I work on poetry, fanfiction, short stories, and sketches, but sometimes I will post excerpts of longer stories, or paintings...

I'm heavily involved in theater, I play the piano, and I'm in choir as well. I'm a bibliophile. I usually have my nose buried in a book. I also love music. I sing a lot, if I can't, I hum, and if I can't do that, there's always my iPod or youtube. I tend to listen to music while writing and drawing, since it helps me to find inspiration.

So yeah, me in a nutshell.

If you want you can contact me on my fan account,…

or my tumblr


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